At Shelter Buddy we are always looking to bring new technology solutions to help our animal shelter partners gain efficiency and resources that can further their mission of saving more pets lives.

As a result, we are thrilled to announce our partnership and IT integration with Activ4Pets. Connecting our Shelter Buddy software with Activ4Pets platform enables our shelter partners to seamlessly transfer all the adopted pets' information and health records to Activ4Pets the day of adoption without lifting a finger, its done automatically between the two databases after adoption is complete. So when the pet adopter gets home and logs in to the Activ4Pets portal and mobile app the information is already there at their fingertips. Most importantly, the integration between Activ4Pets and Shelter Buddy will help save shelter staff time spent answering follow up phone calls from pet adopters to retrieve that pets information (examples: vaccinations, microchip, medications, etc.) after adoption for the veterinarian, boarder, or groomer.

Activ4Pets is an all-in-one mobile pet health smartphone app and portal that puts all the adopted pet's information and medical records into the pet adopters' hand and makes it accessible anywhere and anytime they need it via the internet. In addition, Activ4Pets' digital app serves as an easy-to-use communication tool conveniently connecting pet parents remotely with veterinarians via video chat, helping pet parents find local pet services and know about nearby pet friendly venues/events to enjoy with their pets.

"I commend Florent Monssoh, an already successful IT global entrepreneur for his vision of taking a state-of-the-art human telemedicine solution Activ Doctors Online and creating Activ4Pets to offer the same high tech health care benefit for our loved pets and animal welfare organizations around the globe. I'm excited that our platform integration and Activ4Pets partnership program helps animal shelters gain new efficiency, enhance communications and empower the shelter's pet adopters to be more proactive with a modern health tool that is always in their pocket. Through our partnership, I look forward to continuing to innovate with Activ4Pets team for the benefit of animal shelters and pets" said Shelter Buddy CEO Mark Townend.

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